Discovering Polarity Therapy

I love working one on one with people who are seeking greater health, wholeness and well being.

Originally, I was looking for a deeper mind-and body approach to Reflexology for my family, clients and a better understanding of this for myself. I have studied Reiki to Master level, but this still didn’t feel complete, I felt that there was something missing, not just from my treatments, but from my day to day living. I was looking for that missing piece of the jigsaw that brought everything together as a whole. I received many different treatments all were lovely but not what I felt was right for me.

I received a Polarity treatment which left me feeling enlightened and with an Immense sense of peace and well-being. The session left me with a clearer sense of greater possibilities for my health and all aspects of my life. I knew without hesitation I wanted to share this wonderful treatment with others as a practitioner. And so my journey began

Rona Williams – 2Divine

How Therapy Changed Me

This came about at a time in my life, when I was looking for what I wanted to do with the next part of my life, I knew something was missing.

I had tried many different treatments each one gave me a little bit of what I thought I wanted and needed….then I discovered Polarity Therapy so I thought why not , I’ll give it a try. Within ten minutes of lying on the couch I felt the energy move within me like nothing I had experienced before. I left my first session feeling enlightened and with an Immense sense of peace, well-being and wholeness, I felt great.

Rona Williams – 2Divine

Studying To Be A Therapist

My first experience with Polarity Therapy was when I had an opportunity to study just a small part of the Polarity Course, the Reflexology and the General session.( in the UK) This gave me the stimulating and rewarding experience to expand my knowledge of bodywork. Something I felt had been missing and I wanted to learn more and complete the course. Finding family and friends were a bit sceptical when I first asked them to be my case studies but after a few treatments they couldn’t get enough. Progress to train in the UK was very slow. I therefore looked abroad to finish my training and completed my studies with Masterworks International.

Rona Williams – 2Divine