Change your energy, Change your life

When your energy’s  low it’s hard, to control your emotions, think positive thoughts and stay healthy


Change your energy- Raise your vibration (your positive energy)

What does it mean to change your energy and  raise your vibration? It means to increase your level of positive energy, your happiness, your health and your overall success. Just a few years ago my energy’s vibration was low so low in fact that at one time I felt it couldn’t get any lower (I was working for the NHS at the time). I had felt totally and utterly stuck with no idea how to move forward with my life. I just seemed to be attracting the wrong people into my life who often left me feeling anxious and drained. That was then, now, fast forward a few years and I not only have my health back, an amazing new career and some wonderful friendships both old and new. Not only did I manage to achieve my goal in raising my vibration, but I have also learnt (and still learning) how to keep it up there.

What is Vibration? ( Universal Life Energy)

Everything in the universe is made up of energy that vibrates at different frequencies. From solid objects (e.g. tables and chairs) to us, even our thoughts have a frequency. Vibrations operate at both high and low frequencies, these occur within us. Have you ever heard the saying, like attracts like. It means whatever is going on in your mind is what your attracting. People who think about what they don’t want have low vibrations, which are linked with negative thoughts, emotions, poor health and a lack of spiritual awareness. People who think about what they do want have high vibrations, which are linked with positive thoughts, emotions, good health and a strong spiritual awareness. So, how do we raise our vibration? I know it sounds difficult, but it is in fact very simple. There are so many ways to do this, here are just a few you can use to start attracting more positive experiences and overall abundance in your life.

1. Your thoughts.

What you say, think or feel will become your reality. Every single thought that pops into your head will have an impact on you. When you change your thoughts into positive thoughts, your reality is likely to become more positive too. If you think that’s easier said than done, then just try it the next time a negative thought pops into your head, acknowledge it, thank it for showing up and then let it go and turn it into a positive thought.. excite your surroundings.

2. Finding something beautiful and appreciate it.

We so often walk around with blinkers on, yet there is beauty all around us. Take a deep breath, stop for a moment and just take the time to stand in the sun, or, kick your shoes off and just feel the earth beneath your feet and appreciate your surroundings.

3.  The foods you eat.

Do you know that foods vibrate at different frequencies, Try to consume good quality (organic) food just as nature intended it, and feel the high vibrations circulate throughout your body. Eat more raw food, the more organic and unprocessed, the higher the vibration.

4. Drink water.

Our body needs water to function properly. Dehydration can leave you feeling exhausted and tired,  drinking plenty of water will keep your body well hydrated. This will help your body to flush out toxins and keep your energy levels and vibration levels high.

5. Meditate.

All too often we rush around with a cluttered brain. Meditation helps to calm our thoughts and helps  us find a peaceful state of mind. Start by sitting or laying in a comfortable position, close your eyes and breath deeply slowly allowing yourself to completely relax. Simply take five minutes each day and practice resting in the space between your thoughts.

6. Be grateful.

Being grateful changes your vibrations, it reminds you of what’s important in your life, stopping yourself focusing on what you don’t have to what you do have. Look around you there is more to be grateful for than you could ever imagine.

7. Practice acts of kindness.

Acts of kindness are a selfless act that can change someone’s day. It starts by giving to others (without expecting anything in return). It changes your way of thinking from “I don’t have enough” to “I have enough “ changing your vibration from low to high.

8. Get your blood pumping.

All vibration requires movement, the more movement the higher the vibration, the happier you’ll feel. One way to change your vibration is to get active.

9. Laughter

There is nothing like a really good laugh to improve how you are feeling and to help raise your energetic vibration. “A day without laughter is a day wasted” Charlie Chaplin once said.  Osho once said, “Life as such has to be taken as cosmic joke – and then suddenly you relax because there is nothing to be tense about. And in that very relaxation something starts changing in you.”

10. Music

Listen to music you enjoy. Music really is just sound frequencies and vibrations being experienced through the sense of hearing. When you listen to music that you like, it helps to raise your vibration and trigger positive emotions.


By Rona Williams – 2divine

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