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IPEA Conference

IPEA Conference 2016

The International Polarity Education Alliance  conference which was held at Charney Manor in the lovely countryside of Oxfordshire. England.
Wow that was my first IPEA conference. What an eventful weekend. Not knowing what to expect I arrived with an open mind and heart and I was not disappointed. The drive up to Oxford had been pretty scary as the rain lashed down  and visibility became difficult, but, being typical British weather the rain stopped and in the blink of an eye the sun shone, but the rain followed us up from Wales. it really made a spectacle of itself with heavy rain and thunder…having so much energy in one place wonder the heavens opened and the thunder came.

What a lovely place it was to stay in and the food was great…having to cater for all our different needs was handled well.

It was great to meet lots of lovely people from all around the world with great ideas on how to incorporate other aspects of holistic work into  Polarity and vice versa

Polarity  is part of every  therapy. It is the heart of all  therapies.

Thank you to everyone who gave a talk, giving us an inside into your use of polarity, this kept us talking for hours. It was midnight before we were going to sleep,  then having to get up early in the morning for Yoga  with Lea-ann Furphy ..which was fab… yes Lea-ann now I’m hooked.  And thanks to  Chris McGrath for making us be water molecules and running around the garden was so much fun ..until rain stopped play…again

A visit to  Winston Churchill’s family home Blenheim Palace on Sunday afternoon  alas was cut short as  Elton John was giving a concert there that evening, but we did have time to look around the beautiful house and the gardens  which were lovely.

Once again our table at dinner time let the side down as we laughed non-stop for almost all of the hour…I blame Lea-ann and Myriam Berger how could something go from Churchill’s  pyjamas that were a lovely burgundy velvet onesie to rabbits …I just don’t know

The last day …a true feeling of sadness….from a gentle qi gong in the morning with  Chris….. to saying goodbye to everyone was quite  overwhelming

I don’t know of any other holistic therapy that has a gathering,  That’s what makes Polarity very special.

Now where is the next one!!

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All The Fun of The Fair

Well how fun was that..introducing Polarity Therapy to the lovely people who came to see us.

Polarity Wales  ( based in Swansea ) just got back from being part of the Souls Awakening Spiritual & Wellbeing Fair in Porthcawl. Thank you Emma for making us feel so welcome.

There were such an amazing range of talented therapists ..something for everyone….So exciting!!!
I must admit I have never been part of a Holistic Fair before.

Though I loved every minute, I must say that I was rather nervous and excited at the same time. This was not the first time of taking Polarity Therapy out into the big bad world..OK …Wales but it was the first Holistic fair that Polarity Wales had been part of …but not the last. We’ll have more news on this in the next few weeks.

Better yet, the Fair had that essential but often elusive quality — Heart.

There were, I admit, moments when I wished that the time for the taster sessions had been longer but with so many people not having heard of Polarity Therapy before and wanting to try it, time was limited.

If you’re thinking about something different – come on down!.. and give it a try.
Rona Williams – 2Divine


Sign of the Times

At last the Polarity Wales sign is up…a big thank you to Midgard IT for designing it and to Harris Signs of Swansea for fitting it. It looks great. The room is complete…well almost. Giving directions to everyone has been fun, but a bit of a challenge as I’m not the best at giving directions and standing on the road waving has caused some funny looks.
As Polarity Therapy is new to most people this has been one of the more popular treatments asked for, most were not sure what they were going to receive, some remained sceptical until half way through when they fell asleep.

Although Polarity Therapy is little known in the UK, there are a few practitioners practising this therapy throughout the country. I am pleased to announce it is now available here in Swansea.

I decided to open up my therapy room in Viking way Swansea Just around the the corner from Tesco and opposite the PDSA complete with ample free parking.

We look forward to seeing you soon.