2015 Brings New Ideas

Coming Soon

New to Swansea – Polarity exercise and nutrition workshops for beginners

This is only the beginning we want to bring Polarity to YOU.

It is very important for people to avoid getting sick,and with the increased focus on preventive care, people are looking for changes that are coming to Alternative Therapies. Polarity Therapy is perfectly positioned to take advantage of those changes. because Polarity Therapy is an integral care model that will fit right into these changes. Even more exciting is that Polarity Therapy has proven to be a powerful tool which can be used with most holistic treatments

We have always known that Polarity Therapy was both powerful and effective. The hardest part has been to get other people to understand how effective it can be

We look forward to having you join us on the forefront of this new wave of Polarity Therapy as it expands into the world.

Rona Williams 2Divine